This cd is subtitled Wembley Arena London '79. It certainly is a live recording and it certainly has some songs from that tour but is it real or is it Memorex? I haven't listened to the other live cds in a comparison test with this one yet but some of the cuts sound quite similar. On the other hand, it is a good quality live recording of ABBA, akin to GREATEST HITS LIVE. Maybe the similarities stem from the fact that ABBA didn't steer much from their arrangements in live shows. Anywho (sic), let's pretend it is from Wembley Arena and let's pretend it is 1979 and let's pretend that I am in the front row (as I was at Radio City Music Hall puff, puff). It is a keeper only for those interested in live ABBA who do not already one the aforementioned Greatest Hits Live or better yet SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS.

Standout tracks - Fernando, The Way Old Friends Do, Hole In Your Soul, Take A Chance On Me

1. Voulez-Vous (5:13)

2. Knowing me, Knowing You (4:37)

3. Chiquitita (5:37)

4. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (5:21)

5. Super Trouper (4:27)

6. I Have A Dream (6:22)

7. Thank You For The Music (3:43)

8. Two For The Price Of One (3:30)

9. Fernando (5:29)

10. Take A Chance On Me (4:29)

11. Does Your Mother Know? (3:58)

12. Hole In Your Soul (4:07)

13. Money, Money, Money (3:59)

14. The Way Old Friends Do (3:02)

15. On And On And On (4:16)

16. Waterloo (3:26)

17. Dancong Queen (3:53)

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