Not as bad as you might have heard, this third in the DREAM ON series of bootlegs has a few cuts worthwhile for the most avid ABBAnatic. Sound quality is pedestrian thoughout although it does have some nice pictures. (And I do believe the name of the record should go on the disk itself.)

Standout tracks - Dancing Queen '92 remix, ABBA Promo Megamix

1. Dancing Queen '92 remix (6:11)
The liner notes say that this is taken from a club white label. Who knows? They also say it is a remix. This is a remix of a REMAKE. It is not ABBA singing; it is ABBAcadabra. It's nice and uptempo but then so is the real original (not the fake original - ABBAcadabra - before they remixed it here and tried to pass it off as an ABBA remix - what'd I say?); although that back beat is much more prominent here.

2. ABBA Promo Megamix (9:52)
This was taken from the promo only Polar Xmas LP Julkappstips Uti Drivor. As Dave Wallace said to me, "It sounds like Steamboat Willie!" From there it segues into The Visitors, Two For The Price Of One and than more of that cartoon-sounding music (which incidentally I really like) and more Swedish (the people on this record sound like they just swallowed helium gas). The sound quality is akin to that of the vinyl record it was most probably recorded from. It's a bit fun, though.

3. ABBAcadabra I Megamix (4:11)
This is the same cut as that on SPOTLIGHT ON ABBA so here is the review of said cut from SPOTLIGHT ON ABBA. I actually have this mix on vinyl and, once again, used to play it when I worked as a disc jockey. I've always liked the 90s dance beat and, if I am not mistaken, there is a sample of Janet Jackson. This is by far the mix that takes the most liberties with ABBA's music. It includes a sloooww, almost maudlin Super Trouper, Take A Chance On Me and Dancing Queen.

4. ABBAcadabra II Megamix (7:33)
This is very similar in style to the ABBA Megamix and ABBA Minimix that are included on SPOTLIGHT ON ABBA. It begins with Gimme, Gimme, Gimme; then comes Money, Money, Money, S.O.S., The Winner Takes It All, Summer Night City, Voulez-Vous, (a great segue into) On and On and On, Lay All Your Love On Me and last but certainly not least, Mamma Mia. Fun once.

5. The Way You Are (12-inch extended mix) (6:30)
That's all she wrote. I mean to say it certainly is extended but is it art?

6. The Way You Are (instrumental mix) (4:04)
That's all she wrote. I mean to say it certainly is instrumental (Do the ahhs count?) but is it art?

The final five songs on this cd are all listed as US Promo mono mix. Do I really need these? Better yet, do you really need these?

7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do,
8. Fernando
9. Chiquitita
10. Knowing Me, Knowing You
11. The Winner Takes It All

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