There are actually two versions of this cd: the original of which 300 discs were initially pressed and the second generation bootleg. The original has much better sound quality and has recently become available again. The cd has a number of rare cuts and the original was well worth the money I spent for it. The white cover scanned above is from the original issue; the color picture is from the re-bootleg which was also worth the money I spent for it until I bought the original. Go know.

Standout tracks - I Am An A, Get On The Carousel, Under Attack, Just Like That

1. Ring Ring (3:04)
This is the US remix; no longer commercially available. Originally this track was released on the American issue of the WATERLOO album only.

2. S.O.S. (3:11)
This live cut is from a tv appearance on Seaside Specialin the United Kingdom.

3. Sang Till Goral (3:39)
Recorded in 1979, this song was written for Polar VP Gorel Hanser in celebration of her thirtieth birthday. It's a catchy little birthday present! Hey gang, February 1 is coming up; what about Sang Til Michael?

4. Dancing Queen/Fernando (2:59)
This medley is from a live appearance on Olivia Newton-John's television special in the United States. If I can recall correctly, Newton-John and Andy Gibb are singing back-up.

5. Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton/On Top Of Old Smokey/Midnight Special (4:19)
This recording was originally recorded for, and released on, the German charity album, STARS IM ZEICHEN EINES GUTEN STERNS. It was then released commercially as the B-side of Summer Night City.

6. ABBA at Melbourne Town Hall (2:54)
This is a live interview from the civic reception showered upon ABBA's arrival in Australia. The date was Saturday, March 5, 1977. The place: Melbourne Town hall. The calamity and screaming in the background speak for themselves. Be there or be square.

7. I Am An A (5:05)
Never officially recorded, this autobiographical song is a whimsical and wistful look at themselves by themselves. This recording is from a performance in Perth, Australia during the 1977 World Tour.

8. Just Like That (4:46)
This is the saxophone version of this unreleased track. Can't get enough of this song which is not the same version as that on CELEBRATION and RARITIES AND DEMOS.

9. Dum Dum Diddle (3:00)
10. Why Did It Have To Be Me (3:28)
These two songs were recorded live for the Swedish documentary, ABBA-DABBA-DOO.

11. Hovas Vitne (2:55)
This song was written and recorded in 1981 as a special gift for Stig Anderson on his fiftieth birthday. Only 200 copies were pressed. It is also on THE ARCHIVES.

12. I'm A Marionette (2:55)
13. Get On The Carousel (2:38)
Recorded in Australia, these live cuts, the latter unreleased, will be familiar to those who have seen ABBA - THE MOVIE.

14. Under Attack (3:22)
This single version was never actually released but used as playback for ABBA's tv performances. It has a cold ending as opposed to the commercial version which fades out.

15. Take A Chance On Me (2:07)
This edited version was recorded during a live appearance on Olivia Newton-John's television special in the United States.

16. On and On and On (4:09)
This extended version, recorded from the rare video clip, includes a third verse ultimately cut from the album version of the song.

17. Ring Ring (2:38)
This is a very rare live recording of one of ABBA's earliest hits. It was performed on The Tommy Cooper Show in 1974.

18. National (:59)
This commercial jingle, sung to the tune of Fernando, was recorded for an Australian electrical appliance company called National in 1976.

19. Dancing Queen (4:09)
This live version was recorded in Australia 1977 during the World Tour.

20. (What A) Wonderful World (4:35)
Recorded on August 14, 1992, this cut marked Frida's return to the stage. The duet was performed, with Roxette's Marie Fredricksson sharing lead vocals, during a benefit for environmental conservation.

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