This cd intersperses 12 interview clips (from 25 seconds to 1 minute long) with 13 songs. A majority of the music is available elsewhere; the audio clips are not. An interesting compilation whose sound quality varies from poor to good.

Standout tracks - When All Is Said And Done (instrumental), Slipping Through My Fingers (instrumental), Interviews

1. Greetings from Sweden (ABBA)

2. When I Kissed The Teacher (1:18)
This rare recording is an edited, live version of the song from ARRIVAL.

3. Being a Hepstar (Benny)

4. Hovas Vitne (2:47)
This song was written and recorded in 1981 as a special gift for Stig Anderson on his fiftieth birthday. Only 200 copies were pressed.

5. Working together (Björn)

6. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (5:30)
7. Super Trouper (4:22)
These live cuts are from the concerts recorded for the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA tv special in 1981.

8. The start of ABBA (Frida)

9. Slipping Through My Fingers (3:50)
This is a full-fledged instrumental version with a melody line; not the backing track that was used to record the Spanish version.

10. Eurovision song contest (Björn)

11. Under Attack (3:31)
This live version is actually the never-released single version (with cold ending) which ABBA performed to playback on Saarbrucken tv show.

12. The influences (Björn)

13. Dreamworld (3:28)
This studio cut is now commercially available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.

14. Frida's childhood (Frida)

15. I Have A Dream (6:34)
This cut was recorded live in Japan with a children's chorus singing, and Björn speaking, in Japanese.

16. Agnetha's early years (Agnetha)

17. On Top Of Old Smokey (2:42)
This is an edit of the Medley recording which originally appeared on the German charity album, STARS IM ZEICHEN EINES GUTEN STERNS.

18. ABBA on tour (Benny)

19. The Day Before You Came (4:47)
Another live recording from the Saarbrucken tv show.

20. Divorce (Björn)

21. When All Is Said And Done (4:41)
This is a full-fledged instrumental version with a melody line. Quite different from the vocal version, this cut has a synth beat reminiscent of The Human League. It's a great version!

22. The magic of a song (Björn)

23. Tivedshambo (2:20)
The song was Stig Anderson's first hit and this live version was ABBA's last performance.

24. The end (Stig)

25. Dancing Queen (U2) (4:09)
On one of the most surreal nights of Bono's life, U2, live in Stockholm, are joined on stage by Benny and Björn.

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