This cd contains mostly solo rarities but I love it just the same. The sound quality is excellent. As far as I can tell, all of this stuff except the ABBA live cuts were released commercially. MISSING PIECES VOLUME 2 is just as good. I got them both on the same day and it was like getting a new ABBA double cd! (The color picture is the cover of the cd; the black and white picture of Agnetha is from the back.)

Standout tracks - La Ultima Vez, Here We'll Stay, It's So Nice To be Rich, Du Var Framling Här Igär

1. The Visitors - ABBA (8:27)
I was hoping this original Hot Tracks mix would be the one that brought one of my favorite ABBA songs to a new height. It doesn't; they played the song twice and put it together with tape. But it is a remix of one of my favorite ABBA songs. 

2. Here We'll Stay - Frida (4:05)
This is Frida's solo version of the cut that is a duet with Phil Collins on SOMETHINGS GOING ON. The duet is cool; Frida solo is something cool.

3. It's So Nice To Be Rich - Agnetha (3:42)
This song, b/w P&B, was a double-sided hit for Agnetha in Sweden in 1983. This song, b/w P&B, is a phenomenally, catchy - uptempo song. This song, b/w P&B, was rightfully so, a double-sided hit for Agnetha in Sweden in 1983. It should've been in America! I've had my say...

4. Time - Frida & B.A. Robertson (3:44)
This song is actually new lyrics put to the ABBA instrumental Arrival. It was done for the London musical ABBACADABRA. They slowed it down to a not-too-appealing dirge. I like the instrumental better.

5. Let It Shine - Agnetha (3:32)
This is the 7-inch remix of the song from I STAND ALONE. It's better than the 12-inch but I still like the album cut best. 

6. He Is Your Brother - ABBA (3:00)
ABBA caught live in 1977. I'd have to watch my copy of ABBA-The Movie again (puff, puff) to see if this cut is transferred from the film. Sound quality is decent.

7. Sä Här Börjar Kärlak - Agnetha & Björn (2:31)
That says it all. Circa 1973.

8. One Way Love - Agnetha (6:25)
This Razormaid 12-inch mix is good. The backbeat reminds me of Trevor Horn's group (whose name escapes me at the moment...Legs was one of their hit songs.)

9. As Long As I Have You - Frida and Ra Ta Ta (4:42)
This is the English version of this duet with the Swedish group. Very tasteful number which reminds me of Mike and The Mechanics (Silent Running) which has as a member a guy from Genesis. Get the connection? 

10. Medley #1 - ABBA (5:45)
The initial scream by Agnetha (she is strengthening her voice backstage) is recognizable if you have seen ABBA-The Movie. I haven't watched it since I've heard this cut but I would guess that these songs are taken directly from the soundtrack. (Tiger smoothly into SOS harshly into Mamma Mia.)

11. The Way You Are - Agnetha & Ola Hankansson (6:35)
A very catchy duet recorded in 1986 for the movie It's Time For Sweden. A Top Ten Swedish hit. It reminds me a bit of Spandau Ballet.

12. Ya Nunca Mas - Agnetha & Tomas Ledin (3:52)
Spanish version of Never Again, a single hit for this duo in 1982.

13. Du Var Framling Här Igär - Frida (3:21)
This is a Swedish version of one of my favorite sixities songs I Close My Eyes (And Count To Ten); also covered by Tracey Ullman. 

14. Vi Vet Alltmen Nästan Inget - Frida (2:07)
Is that Benny singing with Frida on this song? Very folky; I love the song but what does it all mean?

15. En Kväll Om Sommarn - Frida (3:30)

16. La Ultima Vez - Agnetha (3:32)
This Spanish version of The Last Time from Agnetha's album I STAND ALONE is quite beautiful.

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