This third in the MISSING PIECES series is good for those with just a notion (ha, ha) for solo and Swedish stuff. The first eight Björn cuts might never have been released on cd before. Sound quality, as in the others in the series, is very good (although those who produced this cd are obviously not those that produced the other two.) It's also got that great black and white picture above. (PS: There is a rumor of a MISSING PIECES VOLUME 4 coming out soon. This is what I have heard is the track listing, most probably subject to change.)

Standout tracks - ?

1. Raring - Björn
Björn's first single was this Swedish version of the English song Honey, originally done (and I think written) by Bobby Goldsboro. Some girl-angel is aaahing in the background; it's not Agnetha. This cut is okay but the song itself was never that strong, IMHO.

2. Vill Du Ha En Vän - Björn
Very sixties pop with the whistles and background girls. Cute but not first-rate. (I did wish I understood what he was trying to sing to me.) This was the B-side to Raring above.

3. Fröken Fredriksson - Björn
Björn's second single was this Swedish version of Harper Valley P.T.A. I assume the lyrics follow the story to a certain degree but I do like Bobbie Gentry's version better.

4. Vår Egen Sång - Björn
Björn has definitely improved as a songwriter if he wrote this one. Not initially catchy or memorable. (What did it sound like?) This was the B-side to Fröken Fredriksson above.

5. Saknar Du Något Min Kära - Björn
This is Björn's third single. I assume it is a Swedish version of Where Do You Go To My Lovely? but...are you sitting down?...I have never heard this song before. If it is an English song it was obviously a very small hit! It must be English though because it doesn't sound like a Björn song circa the 60s.

6. Gömt Är Inte Glömt - Björn
This is tres 60s with the strings et. al. This was the B-side to Saknar Du Något Min Kära above.

7. Partaj Aj Aj - Björn
This is Björn's fourth single. Sounds German-esque, like in the epsiode of I LOVE LUCY, where they sing in the operetta, We like to drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!

8. Kvinnan I Mitt Liv - Björn
This was the B-side to Partaj Aj Aj above.

9. Borsta Tandtrollen Bort - Agnetha
Agnetha sounds like a kid on this record and the arrangement is very lounge; the ultimate in hip nowadays. The song was recorded when Agnetha toured Sweden to help teach children how to brush their teeth correctly. (I've heard the title translates to "Brush Those Trolls Away".) Agnetha wrote the song especially for the tour. She sang it to the young audiences at each school. The song was never released officially; however, copies of it were pressed and given to the schoolchildren.

10. Sjung Denna Sång - Agnetha and Jordan Edman
11. Något Händer Med Mig - Agnetha and Jordan Edman
These two songs are fine but nothing to write home about. Number 11 has alot of oom pa pa, oom pa pa. Who is this guy and why is he singing with Agnetha, anybody?

12. She's My Kind Of Girl - Björn and Benny, Agnetha and Anni-frid
We all know this one, available commercially and bootleggily (bootleggily?) all over.

13. Inga Theme - Björn and Benny
This instrumental cut was recorded in 1969 for the film Inga II. According to Carl Magnus Palm, author ofThe Complete Recording Sessions, this film is "a soft porn movie with a wafer-thin plot...(whose) sole interest lies in the fact that it features a few Andersson/Ulvaeus compositions." The song is pleasant enough but leaves me wanting more. (This is also available on ABBA 1970-1982.)

14. Litet Solskensbarn - Agnetha
This is listed as a B-side from 1970. It' a pretty song I know absolutely nothing about.

15. Lyka (sic) - Björn and Benny
Spelled as Lyka on this cd and listed as Björn and Benny's second single, Lycka is available on their album, LYCKA. This version might be a bit different, though. I can't listen to carefully now; I'm going swimming (sic).

16. Hej Gamle Man - Björn and Benny
See above. This song is also on a number of bootlegs and other commercially available albums.

17. Hey Musikant - Björn and Benny
The German version to Hej Gamle Man, also available on THE ARCHIVES.

18. Was die Liebe sagt - Björn and Benny
This German version of Livet går sin gång from the album LYCKA was released as a single, along with Hey Musikant, in Germany. It is also available on THE ARCHIVES.

19. Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjålpa - Björn and Benny
This song was a rejected entry from the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest Finals, according to The Complete Recording Sessions. The girls are on this one and it was released as a single with På Bröllop (number 6 below). A bit less folky than the latter, it is also available on THE ARCHIVES.

20. På Bröllop -Björn and Benny
This song was cut in 1971. It is basically Swedish folk music; pleasant enough. The girls are singing backing vocals. It was released as a single with track number 5 above. It is also available on MORE ARCHIVES.

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