This second in the series cd contains mostly solo songs and post-ABBA material. The sound quality is once again excellent. As far as I can tell, all of this stuff except the ABBA live cuts were released commercially. I'd love to know if they can really get all the rights to these songs in Japan, which is where these two cds were put together. (The color picture is the cover of the cd; the black and white picture of Frida is from the back.)

Standout tracks - Dancing Queen, P&B, Allting Skall Bli Bra/Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek

1. Dancing Queen - Frida and The Real Group (3:49)
This stunning acapella version of ABBA's hit has Frida on lead and The Real Group on backing vocals and oral percussion. As innovative in this version as the original was in 1976. 

2. P&B - Agnetha (4:02)
This title song from the movie of the same name, b/w It's So Nice To Be Rich, was a double-sided hit for Agnetha in Sweden in 1983. This song, b/w It's So Nice To Be Rich, is a phenomenally, catchy - uptempo song. This song, b/w It's So Nice To Be Rich, was rightfully so, a double-sided hit for Agnetha in Sweden in 1983. It should've been in America! I've had my say...

3. Yo No Fui - Agnetha (4:10)
This is the Spanish version of I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye) from Agnetha's I STAND ALONE album.

4. Why Did It Have To Be Me - ABBA (3:24)
Live 1977 Australia.

5. Let It Shine - Agnetha (4:57)
This 12-inch "Bright" Remix is too "Bright" for me. They have succeeded in ruining the song. Next. 

6. Så Länge Vi Har Varan - Frida and Ra Ta Ta (4:38)
Swedish version of As Long As I Have You. Ditto what I wrote in MISSING PIECES.

7. The Way You Are - Agnetha & Ola Hankansson (4:10)
Very catchy duet recorded in 1986 for the movie It's Time For Sweden. A Top Ten Swedish hit, this is the single version.

8. The Last Time - Agnetha (6:52)
This is the 12-inch extended remix.

9. Belle - Frida and Daniel Bavalone (3:44)
This is the first and French version of lyrics being put to the ABBA instrumental Arrival. I like this one better. 

10. Medley #2 - ABBA (3:35)
This medley, culled directly from the soundtrack of ABBA:The Movie, includes Waterloo, Money Money Money and So Long.

11. Allting Skall Bli Bra/Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek - Frida (6:14)
This is Frida's beautiful Swedish recording of Everything's Alright/I Don't Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar.

12. Never Again - Agnetha & Thomas Ledin (3:52)
A single hit for this duo in 1982.

13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - ABBA (7:20)
This is the original Hot Tracks mix. Not too thrilling. 

14. Here For Your Love - Agnetha (2:59)
Sounding a bit like Nancy Sinatra's Sugar Town, this bouncy 60s number was done in 1974. It was the B-side of Golliwog. (See below.)

15. Golliwog - Agnetha (2:56)
Another poppy little number which reminds this listener of Harry Nilsson's The Point. Anyone remember that? Also 1974.

16. Nu Vissla Vi Ett Slag (Whistle While You Work) - Frida (1:30)
Frida sings, hums and whistles!

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