Subtitled More Rare Tracks, this cd has the same wonderful sound quality as its predecessor, THE ARCHIVES; although it also duplicates a number of cuts from other bootlegs. There are a number of reasons for the avid ABBAnatic to search this out and for those just starting, this coupled with its predecessor is an excellent set.

Standout tracks - Can't Shake Loose (AOR Mix), Med varann, I Won't let You Go (extended version)

1. ABBA Gold medley from Spain (4:04)
I don't know who did this or why but it is interesting; more interesting if, in fact, if it is a promotional mix from the Spanish distributor. The medley starts off with Chiquitita and Fernando in Spanish and segues into Knowing Me, Knowing You, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Voulez-Vous and Mamma Mia in English before it's rousing (?) conclusion with a bit more of the Spanish version of Chiquitita.

2. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (extended version) (4:23)
This is, as it states, an extended version of the ABBA classic. There is no information as to when this was extended or for whom. As to its raison d'vivre, it seems a bit overlong to this ABBAnatic.

3. Ring Ring (German version) (3:10)
The German version of the ABBA classic was, at one time, commercially available on ABBA International, which I own (puff, puff) on cd.

4. Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe steht - Björn and Benny (3:20)
This German version of the ABBA classic, Another Town, Another Train was also on the aformentioned ABBA International, which I own (puff, puff) on cd. (Cough, cough).

5. Med varann - Frida and Björn Skifs (4:53)
From the first strains of this tune, I knew what was coming and imagine my surprise! I don't know what it means but this is the Swedish version of You Make Me Feel Brand New, originally recorded by The Stylistics. Skifs, for those who might not recall, is The Arbiter from CHESS, the original recording.

6. Can't Shake Loose (AOR mix) - Agnetha (3:15)
Back in 1983, when I had been waiting patiently for the release of Agnetha's new solo album, I was dressing for work when a disc jockey on our NY new wave station decided to play this new song he had just received a promotional release of. The listeners had to guess who was singing this great new song for a pair of tickets to some now-forgotten early 80s band. That song was Can't Shake Loose and I could not believe they were playing Agnetha on a new wave station! The dj couldn't pronounce her name but said it was one of the girls from ABBA and this song was destined for the top of the charts. Well, I didn't have speed dial then and no one who got through was able to guess the singer so I guess no one won the tickets. I also never heard the song again on the radio. When I ultimately bought the album I thought the song sounded a bit different but chalked it up to bad drugs. Well, it's nice to know the drugs weren't that bad after all (It's not the money, Eddie. It's the horrible realization that I must have enjoyed Ping Pong.)and I now have a copy of that first version I heard lo, those many years ago.

7. Shine (extended version) (6:27)
The beginning of this extended version sounds suspiciously like the opening of Eurythmics' Beethoven (I Love To Listen To). Not one of my favorites but nice to have this version.

8. Så här börjar kärlek - Agnetha and Björn (2:31)
This duet is now commercially available on Agnetha's MY LOVE, MY LIFE double cd package..

9. Kom och sjungen sång - Frida (3:44)
This is a pretty song which I have no information about. Anyone?

10. På Bröllop - Björn and Benny (3:13)
This song was cut in 1971. It is basically Swedish folk music; pleasant enough. The girls are singing backing vocals. It was released as a single (with Det kan ingen doktor hjälpa, available on THE ARCHIVES) and is also available on TO ALL ABBA FANS.

11. Sång till Görel - ABBA and Stikkan (4:00)
This song, written to celebrate the 30th birthday of Polar Vice President Görel Hanser, is indeed credited to ABBA and Stikkan. All five take turns singing the lyrics. This is the best quality version of this song that I own.

12. I Wasn't The One Who Said Goodbye (extended version) - Agnetha and Peter Cetera (5:53)
This extended version of the song from I STAND ALONE is a bit too long for my taste. .

13. I Won't let You Go (extended version) - Agnetha (6:04)
This is an extended version of the single from Agnetha's solo WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND ME. This is probably my favorite solo Agnetha so I am pleased to have this extended version.

14. Mina ogon - Agnetha (3:04)
This is the Swedish version of Disillusion which is actually a much better version than the English version.

15. Tio mil kvar till korpilombolo - Agnetha (3:00)
This is Agnetha's Swedish version of Here For Your Love. This song is also commercially available on Agnetha's MY LOVE, MY LIFE double cd package.

16. More ABBA Gold medley from Spain (3:45)
I don't know why this is called the More ABBA Gold medley as it includes songs that are not on More ABBA Gold. In fact, it includes songs that are also in the ABBA Gold medley (See number one above.) Go know. Beginning with Dancing Queen, it segues into Knowing Me Knowing You, Voulez-Vous, Summer Night City and Angeleyes before its rousing conclusion (?) with Chiquitita; all the songs are in English excepting Chiquitita.

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