The top of the heap, this excellent cd is actually a reissue of We Owed You One, with additional cuts. As you can see by the scan, it looks like a commercial release (except - of course - for the spelling of 'Rarities'). It includes a good cross-section of, believe it or not, rarities and demos.

Standout tracks - Just Like That, Every Good Man, Love Has It's Ways, Opus 10

1. Cassandra (4:47)
This beautiful, live version was recorded in November, 1982 for German television. The lyrics refer to a Greek princess, Cassandra, who was given the gift of prophecy from the god, Apollo. Unlike the studio version fade, this take has a cold ending.

2. Rock and Roll Band (3:07)
This version was released only in Japan by Björn and Benny. The instrumental opening is different (It reminds me of Squeeze Box by The Who.) and there are added lyric lines before the chorus. I like this version better.

3. I'm Still Alive (3:51)
The only known recording of this song, written and performed by Agnetha, was captured in Paris, France during the 1979-80 World Tour. It is a very, very (Did I say very?) bad recording, not worthy of the song; but history is history.

4. Every Good Man (2:05)
This track was recorded in 1982 with lead vocals by Agnetha. Never released, it ultimately became Heaven Help My Heart in CHESS. The quality of the recording is not very good but I've always loved the latter song.

12. I've Been Waiting For You (2:08)
This stunning, live version was recorded in Australia in 1977. As it was lifted directly from ABBA-THE MOVIE, only the last part of the song is on this cd but Agnetha is in prime form. This is the version I sing in my head.

6. Opus 10 (3:25)
This instrumental was supposed to be the title track for the unreleased Opus 10 album. Instead, it was later used for Anthem in CHESS.

7. Just Like That (5:00)
This is a full-length recording of the smidge of a song that is available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC. It is pure heaven. It is also the first and best version of this unreleased track from 1982. This is different from the saxophone version found on LITTLE WHITE SECRETS.

8. Slipping Through My Fingers (4:15)
This live cut, taken from the concerts recorded for the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA tv special in 1981, is commercially available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.

9/10. Under My Sun
Another unreleased song here in two versions: the first, shorter (1:34) version comes with studio chatter and laughter while the second is complete. (3:08) Frida takes the lead in this very infectious, uptempo song.

11. Voulez-Vous extended (6:05)
This extended (not remixed) version of the album cut is okay but ultimately Voulez-Vous was never one of my favorite songs. Sorry...

12. Does Your Mother Know (4:04)
This live cut from the 1979 ABBA in Switzerland tv special is quite a cooker. With an instrumental intro not on the album cut, this version is very boogie-woogie with Benny's piano really standing out. And Björn even makes a funny joke at the end.

13. Love Has It's Way (2.38)
This single from the pre-ABBA era was released in Japan only. Interestingly, the lyrics were written by Björn and Benny; the music was not. A very 60s feel brightens up this record, reminiscent in a subtle fashion, to Waterloo.

14. Summer Night City (5:54)
Starting with the just-released intro (on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC), this live version is great. Recorded at Wembley Arena in 1979, this cut was supposed to close side A of the live album (Remember vinyl?) but was ultimately left off. In some ways, it works better than the studio version.

15. Hovas Vitne (2:51)
This song was written and recorded in 1981 as a special gift for Stig Anderson on his fiftieth birthday. Only 200 copies were pressed. Catchy but what does it all mean? Anyone know?

16. Dreamworld (3:30)
This catchy, little studio cut, a precursor of Does Your Mother Know, is now commercially available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.

17. On Top Of Old Smokey (2:41)
This is an edit from a medley which originally appeared on a German charity album. The full medley was subsequently remixed and released as the B-side of SUMMER NIGHT CITY.

18. Tivedshambo (2:19)
The song was Stig Anderson's first hit and this live version was ABBA's last performance.

19. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (5:27)
20. Super Trouper (4:17)
These live cuts are from the concerts recorded for the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA tv special in 1981.

21. Dancing Queen (U2) (4:09)
On one of the most surreal nights of Bono's life, U2, live in Stockholm, are joined on stage by Benny and Björn.

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