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Subtitled Rare International Tracks, this mix of solo and group recordings duplicates a number of cuts from other bootlegs. The sound quality though is very good and for someone who doesn't have quite the collection that I do (puff, puff) it is a nice place to start.

Standout tracks - Fanfare, Tiveds Hambo, Borsta tandtrollen bort

1. Fanfare of the ice-hockey WM 1981 in Sweden (sic) (:53)
This is the main reason I bought this cd. For 53 seconds of music. According to The Complete Recording Sessions this record was "used at the championships held in Gothenburg, but otherwise was released only on a limited edition record that was included in Polar's 1981 annual report package." Is it worth it? Well it certainly is a fanfare. And I'm a fan. So...

2. Waterloo (German version) (2:46)
This German version of the hit is also available on the bootleg ABBA 1970-1982 and DREAM ON TOO.

3. Hovas Vittne (3:00)
This song was written and recorded in 1981 as a special gift for Stig Anderson on his fiftieth birthday. Only 200 copies were pressed. It is also on LITTLE WHITE SECRETS.

4. Love Has It's Ways - Björn and Benny (2:39)
This single from the pre-ABBA era was released in Japan only. Interestingly, the lyrics were written by Björn and Benny; the music was not. A very 60s feel brightens up this record, reminiscent in a subtle fashion, to Waterloo.

5. Det kan ingen doktor hjälpa - Björn and Benny (2:31)
This song was a rejected entry from the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest Finals, according to The Complete Recording Sessions. The girls are on this one and it was released as a single with På Bröllop. A bit less folky than the latter, it is also available on TO ALL ABBA FANS.

6. Träskofolket - Björn and Benny (2:36)
This folksy-sounding single was released in 1971. The girls are not present. A pleasant, little ditty whose meaning escapes me at the moment.

7. Tiveds Hambo (2:12)
The song was Stig Anderson's first hit. Unlike the live version with vocals on RARITIES AND DEMOS this is the original instrumental recording pressed as the B-side of Hovas Vittne. (See number 3 above.)

8. Let It Shine (extended remix) - Agnetha (5:16)
This remix is better than the Bright remix also available on MISSING PIECES.

9. Hey Musikant - Björn and Benny (3:23)
This is the German version of Hej gamle man, also available on TO ALL ABBA FANS.

10. Merry-go-round (2:37)
This is the first version of this cut from 1972.

11. Borsta tandtrollen bort - Agnetha (2:00)
Agnetha sounds like a kid on this record and the arrangement is very lounge; the ultimate in hip nowadays. The song was recorded when Agnetha toured Sweden to help teach children how to brush their teeth correctly. Agnetha wrote the song especially for the tour. She sang it to the young audiences at each school. The song was never released officially; however, copies of it were pressed and given to the schoolchildren.

12. The Visitors (extended DJ mix) (8:27)
I was hoping this original Hot Tracks mix would be the one that brought one of my favorite ABBA songs to a new height. It doesn't; they played the song twice and put it together with tape. But it is a remix of one of my favorite ABBA songs.It is also available on MISSING PIECES.

13. The Heat Is On (extended version) - Agnetha (7:58)
This is an extended remix of the single from Agnetha's solo WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND ME. It gets a little repetitive but then at it's original length it was a bit repetitive.

14. Was die Liebe sagt - Björn and Benny (3:49)
This German version of Livet går sin gång from the album LYCKA was released as a single, along with Hey Musikant, in Germany. It is also available on TO ALL ABBA FANS.

15. Fly LIke The Eagle - Agnetha and Ola Hakansson (3:01)
With the same synth beat as Real Life's Send Me An Angel, Agnetha adds another eagle song to her repertoire. Catchy, veeerrrrryyyy 80s and short! Also available on DREAM ON TOO.

16. Waterloo (French version) (2:44)
This is the French version of the hit, at one time commercially available on the album ABBA INTERNATIONAL.

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