The sound quality on this cd is good although since many of the tracks are legally available on the 1994 Swedish compilation PÅ SVENSKA (or illegally available on other bootlegs), one wonders why this was needed. There are extensive track notes and even the use of the old Polar logo. This cd is certainly put together with love.

Standout tracks - En Halsning Till Vara Parkarrangorer, Träskofolket, Inga Theme, Hole In Your Soul (Live)

1. Fanfare for Icehockey World Championship '81
33 seconds of music. (Is this a different version from the one on THE ARCHIVES which is 53 seconds of recorded music?) According to The Complete Recording Sessions this record was "used at the championships held in Gothenburg, but otherwise was released only on a limited edition record that was included in Polar's 1981 annual report package." Is it worth it? Well it certainly is a fanfare. And I'm a fan. So...

2. Inga Theme - Björn and Benny (2:28)
This instrumental cut was recorded in 1969 for the film Inga II. According to Carl Magnus Palm, author ofThe Complete Recording Sessions, this film is "a soft porn movie with a wafer-thin plot...(whose) sole interest lies in the fact that it features a few Andersson/Ulvaeus compositions." The song is pleasant enough but leaves me wanting more. (This is also available on ABBA 1970-1982.)

3. Hey, Musikant (3:24)
The German version to Hej Gamle Man, also available on THE ARCHIVES and MISSING PIECES VOLUME 3.

4. Was Die Liebe Sagt (3:51)
This German version of Livet går sin gång from the album LYCKA was released as a single, along with Hey Musikant, in Germany. It's a nice little ballad. It is also available on THE ARCHIVES and MISSING PIECES VOLUME 3.

5. Det kan ingen doktor hjälpa - Björn and Benny (2:271)
This song was a rejected entry from the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest Finals, according to The Complete Recording Sessions. The girls are on this one and it was released as a single with På Bröllop (number 6 below). A bit less folky than the latter, it is also available on THE ARCHIVES and MISSING PIECES VOLUME 3.

6. På Bröllop (3:01)
This song was cut in 1971. It is basically Swedish folk music; pleasant enough. The girls are singing backing vocals. It was released as a single with track number 5 above. It is also available on MORE ARCHIVES and MISSING PIECES VOLUME 3.

7. Träskofolket - Björn and Benny (2:30)
This is another folk song, released in 1971. The girls are not present. It was the B-side of Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung which is commercially available on LYCKA. A pleasant, little ditty whose meaning escapes me at the moment.

8. En Carousel - Björn and Benny (2:35)
According to the notes, this second take of Merry-Go-Round was released as a promo only in Japan. It is different than its more well-known sibling. Seems to have a bit more echo, more demo-esque, perhaps; I'll give it an eight and a half, Alex.

9. En Halsning Till Vara Parkarrangorer (2:24)
This is a promo single distributed to the open-air show organizers in Sweden. It starts with birds, water and trees before People Need Love, seguing into Agnetha, Benny and Björn speaking (I can only guess about what) and then segues into the Anni-frid Lyngstad song, Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan which is available on PÅ SVENSKA. A bit more Swedish and than a final song which I donŐt know. Anyone out there know it?

10. Att Finnas Till - Björn and Benny (3:30)
Originally intended for the Hootenany Singers, this cut is now commercially-available on PÅ SVENSKA. The female vocals on this track are not Agnetha and Frida.

11. En Karusell (3:05)
This Swedish version of Merry-Go-Round (number 8) is commercially available on PÅ SVENSKA.

12. Äh Vilka Tilder - Björn and Benny (2:29)
This song was the B-side of the Swedish version of Ring Ring and is also commercially available on PÅ SVENSKA.

13. Love Has It's Way (2:39)
This single from the pre-ABBA era was released in Japan only. Interestingly, the lyrics were written by Björn and Benny; the music was not. A very 60s feel brightens up this record, reminiscent in a subtle fashion, to Waterloo. This cut is available on a number of other bootlegs.

14. Rock'n'Roll Band - Björn and Benny(3:06)
This cut is commercially available on RING RING and a number of other cds; bootleg and otherwise.

15. Wer Im Wartesaal Die Liebe Steht (3:10)
This German version of the ABBA classic, Another Town, Another Train is also on ABBA International, which I own (puff, puff) on cd. (Cough, cough). (It is also available on MORE ARCHIVES.

16. Ring Ring (2nd 'slow' version) (3:09)
As opposed to the first 'slow' version? This one is definitely slower but they could've just slowed down the tape. It is listed as a UK reissue. Why not?

17. Voulez Vous (6:05)
This is just an extended version of the album cut. It's all over the bootleg place and still just an extended version of Voulez-Vous. Next.

18. Sång till Görel - ABBA and Stikkan (2:46)
This song, written to celebrate the 30th birthday of Polar Vice President Görel Hanser, is indeed credited to ABBA and Stikkan. All five take turns singing the lyrics. This information according to Carl Magnus Palm's wonderful The Complete Recording Sessions. This, probably cut from the same master as MORE ARCHIVES is the best quality version of this song that I own.

19. Hole In You Soul (Live) (4:07)
This is a great live version of this song. Only released in Argentina on the compilation album POR SIEMPRE, it finally shows up here in a great version. I love these small-scale but official release finds.

20. Hovas Vittne (2:58)
This song, written for Stig Anderson's fiftieth birthday, has lyrics written by the four members and Michael Tretow. It is available on a number of other bootlegs but this is a also good quality version.

21. Tivedshambo (2:13)
The flip side of number 20, this is also available on a number of other bootlegs. This is the instrumental version of this song.

22. Christmas Greetings (:15)
Straightforward Christmas greetings from Björn, Benny and Agnetha in Swedish and English. Great for your answering machine during the holiday season.

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