Agnetha Fältskog

Produced by Eric Stewart

Even though I consider this 1985 record her best, the album was surprisingly never released in the States. With songs by Jeff Lynne, Justin Hayward and Geoff Downes, there's finally some meat in the music and Agnetha sounds great. Let's hear it for Eric Stewart (who it just so happens is a member of 10cc)!

Standout tracks - I Won't Let You Go, The Angels Cry, One Way Love

  • One Way Love (3:36)
  • Eyes Of A Woman (3:54)
  • Just One Heart (3:42)
  • I Won't Let You Go (3:39)
  • The Angels Cry (4:22)
  • Click Track (2:51)
  • We Should Be Together (3:59)
  • I Won't Be Leaving You (5:34)
  • Save Me (Why Don't Ya) (4:37)
  • I Keep Turning Off Lights (3:37)
  • We Move As One (4:04)

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