Produced by Steve Lillywhite

These girls have had some hot producers! This time out it's Steve Lillywhite. (U2, Kirsty MacColl) A good record in which Frida sings material by Benny and Björn, Kirsty MacColl (Lillywhite's wife who also does back-up on a few cuts), Pete Glenister (who has worked with Alison Moyet) and Frida herself! Unfortunately, the whole package is marred by what has to be the worst album cover in rock history! What were you thinking, girl?

Standout tracks - Slowly, The Face, Shine, One Little Lie

  • Shine (4:39)
  • One Little Lie (3:44)
  • The Face (3:40)
  • Twist In The Dark (3:43)
  • Slowly (4:34) (Benny and Björn's song; originally recorded by Gemini)
  • Heart Of The Country (4:38)
  • Come To Me (I Am Woman) (5:04)
  • Chemistry Tonight (4:56)
  • Don't Do It (4:37)
  • Comfort Me (4:28)

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