Produced by Phil Collins

Frida wasted no time in recording and releasing this 1982 album which, IMHO, is the best of the lot. With songs by Steven Bishop, Brian Ferry and Dorothy Parker(?), in addition to a bonafide hit single, this record made many believe Frida was well on her way to solo success. (FYI, the song To Turn The Stone was written by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellote and recorded but never released by Donna Summer. Summer's version of that song was finally released in August of this year - 1996.)

Standout tracks - To Turn The Stone, I Know There's Something Going On, Tell Me It's Over

  • Tell Me It's Over (2:53)
  • I See Red (4:32)
  • I Got Something (4:01)
  • Strangers (4:05)
  • To Turn The Stone (5:15)
  • I Know There's Something Going On (5:27)
  • Threnody (4:16)
  • Baby Don't You Cry No More (2:57)
  • The Way You Do (3:36)
  • You Know What I Mean (2:37)
  • Here We'll Stay (duet with Phil Collins) (4:03)

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