Agnetha Fältskog

Produced by Peter Cetera

An exceptional follow-up to Eyes Of A Woman, produced by Peter Cetera, late of Chicago and After All, his duet with Cher. Pete Sinfield, Franne Golde, Diane Warren and Albert Hammond all contributed songs to this 1988 release which, unfortunately, was her last English record.

Standout tracks - The Last Time, Let It Shine, Love In A World Gone Mad

  • The Last Time (4:12)
  • Little White Secrets (4:04)
  • I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye) (duet with Peter cetera)(4:10)
  • Love In A World Gone Mad (4:08)
  • Maybe It Was Magic (4:07)
  • Let It Shine (3:58)
  • We Got A Way (3:50)
  • I Stand Alone (4:48)
  • Are You Gonna Throw It All Away (4:52)
  • If You Need Somebody Tonight (3:32)

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