I flew into Stockholm on March 29. I took a forty minute bus ride from the airport. Sweden reminded me of upstate New York except for the fact that all the highway signs seemed to be written in Pig Latin. (You know, everything seemed to end in an 'a'.) My first order of business, after visiting the requisite palaces, museums, Skansen and WASA, was to scour the used compact disc stores for all the rare ABBA music I am not able to find in the United States. What I learned is: if you want rare ABBA - don't go to Sweden! I found ABBA-The Tribute, Josefin Nillson's Shapes and The Ainbusk Singers Från När till fjärran. Not one real ABBA record did I see that I did not already have. The treasured haul I had hoped for never materialised; but unbeknownst to me, it was right around the corner.

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