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Original Soundtrack Recording

What can be said about Bette's breakthrough soundtrack, as produced by Arif Mardin. Yes, I said breakthrough. More than THE ROSE, after Beaches and Wind Beneath My Wings, Middle America never forgot her. A great recording with some wonderful interpretations.

Standout tracks - Wind Beneath My Wings, I've Still Got My Health, I Think It's Going To Rain Today

1. Under The Boardwalk
The film opens with this classy update of The Drifter's original.

2. Wind Beneath My Wings
This song seems to have become the wind beneath Bette's wings.

3. I've Still Got My Health
A wonderful interpretation of this Cole Porter classic.

4. I Think It's Going To Rain Today
My favorite song on the album is a poignant performance of this Randy Newman ballad.

5. Otto Titsling
This comic song was originally heard on Bette's MUD WILL BE FLUNG TONIGHT comedy album.

6. I Know You By Heart
This song, played on the radio as Bette drove to San Francisco (in the film), was also recorded by Dolly Parton and Smokey Robinson (available on Dolly's RAINBOW album).

7. The Glory Of Love
Bette claimed this as her new theme song during the Radio City concerts in 1992. It's a great recording of this old chestnut but it's no Friends.

8. Baby Mine
This song was originally heard in the Disney film Dumbo.

9. Oh Industry
Bette does it to techno? It works in the film anyway.

10. The Friendship Theme
The instrumental theme was written by George DeLerue and played by Marc Shaiman, Bette's longtime musical conductor.

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