[Broken Blossom album cover]


Produced by Brooks Arthur, this is a step up from Bette's prior studio album. A better selection of songs, some gutsy singing and an album photograph by the great Hurrell adds to the positive feeling.

Standout tracks - I Never Talk To Strangers, Empty Bed Blues, You Don't Know Me

1. Make Yourself Comfortable

2. You Don't Know Me

3. Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Billy Joel was never one of my favorites so why singers always seem to pick this song of his to cover is beyond me.

4. I Never Talk To Strangers
This duet with Tom Waits was also included on Waits album, Foreign Affairs. The song is funny and touching, reminiscent of the 50s classic Something Cool.

5. Storybook Children
This was the single which peaked in the Top 60 of Billboard's Hot 100.

6. Red
Out-and-out rock and roll, written by Sammy Hagar and interpreted by Bette.

7. Empty Bed Blues
Bette updates, and adds to, this Bessie Smith chestnut from the twenties. I love it.

8. A Dream Is A Wish You Heart Makes
This song was originally heard in the Disney film, Dumbo.

9. Paradise
This is revamped Phil Spector and The Ronettes. I love the original best and the live version on Divine Madness better than this studio cut, but this works.

10. Yellow Beach Umbrella

11. La Vie En Rose

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