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This third album, produced by Moogy Klingman, was villified by the critics when it was released in 1976. Not as bad as originally perceived but certainly not as good as it could have been, it includes some decent cuts and is, ultimately, an extension of the first two albums.

Standout tracks - Buckets Of Rain, Let Me Just Follow Behind, Marahuana

1. Strangers In The Night 3:17
The first single from the album, this was a definite attempt to cash in on the let's remake an old song as a disco number trend. Although the record is decent enough, it is too calculated to be anything but an attempt at marketing. It peaked outside of the Top 50; rightfully so.

2. I Don't Want The Night To End 3:46
A pretty Phoebe Snow song that is just not good enough to be the album's second cut.

3. Mr. Rockefeller 4:02
Written by Bette and Jerry Blatt, her longtime associate, this comic number became a staple in Bette's late 70s concerts.

4. Old Cape Cod 2:47
Bette does it to Patti Page. This song works well enough but was the album's bomb third (or is it second?) single.

5. Buckets Of Rain 3:54
This duet with Bob Dylan is the best cut on the album. The passion is back in Bette's voice and it sounds like she really wants to be singing. Dylan even sounds good.

6. Love Says It's Waiting (From The Promise Suite) 1:37
I'm not quite sure what The Promise Suite is but too bad the song isn't longer.

7. Shiver Me Timbers/Samedi Et Vendredi 6:20
This classic Midler ballad segues nicely into a comic song with French lyrics written by Bette and Moogy. When I first bought this album I remember being scared by the instrumental segue. What do you want? I was young. The best rendition of Shiver Me Timbers though is the version on Live At Last.

8. No Jestering 3:57
Probably would've been more interesting if the songs around it were.

9. Tragedy 3:03
A throwaway.

10. Marahuana 2:27
An excellent rendition of this song from the 30s. I loved this even before I saw the clip of Bette doing this at the Continental Baths that is included on the Art Or Bust video.

11. Let Me Just Follow Behind 3:30
Another favorite of mine from this album. The last two songs should've started off the album

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