Max and Michael

Have now been joined by Mr. Peepers! (See below.)

Me and the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

July, 2002

I don't like it but it was for my mom.

They CAN get along!

A little cheesecake from Peepers, too.

Everyone seems busy here! May 2002

Thanksgiving 2001: What about those mutton chops?

A little cheesecake from Max. Lana Turner...move over.
Max really flies
Max going for his tetherball. He chewed the hole in that ball, I write proudly.
For years, this picture was the cornerstone of my entry page. I've now relegated it back here. Memories...light the corners of my mind.
Max Looking Up at Me
Here's Max, looking up at his dear ole' dad.
Max on my lap
I was going to 'photoshop' Max's eyes so they didn't look quite so...uh... green(?); but I actually liked the way they matched his nostrils and, with my orange cap, I figured I'd leave well enough alone.


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