The quality of this cd is poor with most, if not all, of the cuts sounding like second and third generation dubs. I would suggest buying this only if you, like I, have an anal personality and must have it all!

Standout tracks - Two For The Price Of One (alternate), Prologue/Voulez-Vous

1. Dreamworld (3:26)
This studio cut is now commercially available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC; the sound quality one thousand times clearer.

2. On Top Of Old Smokey (2:31)
This is an edit of the Medley recording which originally appeared on the German charity album, STARS IM ZEICHEN EINES GUTEN STERNS.

3. Slipping Through My Fingers (4:08)
4. Me And I (4:03)
These live cuts, taken from the concerts recorded for the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA tv special in 1981, are also commercially available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.

5. Fernando (3:27)
6. Rock Me (1:35)
7. Why Did It Have To Be Me? (1:14)
8. Money Money Money (1:12)
9. Waterloo (1:40)
These edited, live cuts were recorded in Australia and released as a Swedish promo called LIVE 77. It was pressed on a Flexi-Disc and sounds like it although there is a certain je nais se quas (sp?) about the whole thing.

10. Just LIke That (4:34)
This full-length recording is the first and best version of this unreleased track from 1982 although this is not the cd to buy to get the best sound quality. That would be RARITIES AND DEMOS.

11. I Am The City (3:39)
This song, listed on the packaging as In The City (live), is actually the studio cut, now commercially available on MORE ABBA GOLD.

12. Hovas Vitne (2:47)
This song was written and recorded in 1981 as a special gift for Stig Anderson on his fiftieth birthday. Only 200 copies were pressed.

13. Hole In Your Soul (4:00)
This cut, listed on the packaging as Debe Sem Rock And Roll (studio), is actually an English, live version. Ah, the fine art of proofreading!

14. Prologue/Voulez-Vous (5:51)
One of the two songs to buy this cd for, this live version includes the prologue which is edited out on most other releases.

15. Me And I (3:58)
This is a different live version from the one above with Frida's vocal a bit more playful.

16. Hole In Your Soul (4:10)
A rockier live version than the one above.

17. Knowing Me Knowing You (4:24)
There are better recorded live versions out commercially.

18. Summer Night City (5:25)

19. Sang Till Goral (3:36)
Recorded in 1979, this song was written for Polar VP Gorel Hanser in celebration of her thirtieth birthday. It's a catchy little birthday present!

20. Just Like That (4:22)
This saxophone version is so pitched up it sounds more like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

21. Two For The Price Of One (alternate)
My favorite song on this cd is this alternate take which is sung from the first person. The storyline is the same except for the ending which leaves out the mother line. Björn's vocal is more fluid and sexier.

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