This compilation takes cuts from four of the aforementioned albums (not including I Stand Alone) and adds three unreleased tracks. A good place to start if you are strapped for cash but if you're not, check out Something's Going On and Eyes Of A Woman.

Unreleased tracks - You're There, That's Tough, Turn The World Around

  • The Heat Is On - Agnetha
  • I Know There's Something Going On - Frida
  • You're There - Agnetha
  • To Turn The Stone - Frida
  • Just One Heart - Agnetha
  • That's Tough - Frida
  • Turn The World Around - Agnetha
  • I Got Something - Frida
  • We Should Be Together - Agnetha
  • Shine - Frida
  • I Won't Let You Go - Agnetha
  • Here We'll Stay (Unfortunately this is the duet album cut and not the out-of-print single version which Frida sang solo.) - Frida & Phil Collins
  • Wrap Your Arms Around Me - Agnetha
  • Heart Of The Country - Frida

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